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Identifying China’s products or factories

In China, you can find suppliers for almost every product. However, finding the right supplier is not as simple as it may seem. Not only are there thousands of vendors, but you need to check the antecedents of these vendors, then determine if they are companies, intermediaries, manufacturers, or even if they really exist! And once the vendor is verified, you must evaluate the prices of each plant, run time, product quality, and previous results. Not only does this mean a great deal of work, but you will soon discover that cultural and linguistic barriers are daunting.

Considering your project and requirements, our team is conducting a study and will select the most effective solution to produce or purchase the merchandise you need.

We know that when it comes to factories, it’s important to find the right one for your specific needs. The key to a successful Asia sourcing program is finding a factory that is a good fit for your product category, volumes, R&D needs, price structure, and logistical requirements.

As a third party company and not an agent or trading company, we maintain a completely neutral relationship with any factory we introduce a client to. Therefore, we always act exclusively in our client’s interest and with total transparency – a rarity in China. That translates into lower product costs, easier communication, and more control throughout your sourcing process.


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